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Hitotoki Geisha Women's Kimono Robe Yukata Japanese Anime - Size: M

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  • Japanese traditional Kimono Yukata robe with hand fan (Sensu) and Obi belt and a tie belt (Koshihimo).
  • Cotton 100%.
  • This yukata will fit those with hight of 5 feet 1 inches to 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Japanese Anime Geisha Sexy Kimono
  • Adjustable the hem length.
Japanese traditional Kimono Yukata robe with Japanese hand fan(Sensu),Obi belt and a tie belt (Koshihimo). Robe length: 64.1 inches from shoulder to hem. Sleeve length: 26.7 inches from neck seam to the end of sleeve. The hem length is adjustable by folding the dress around your waist and the fold is hidden by the "Obi"(Belt) creating a seamless appearance. Obi belt and a tie belt ans hand fan are provided at no extra charge with this stylish Kimono Yukata. Fits up to 155-170 cm tall.
Kimono Robe
Kimono Robe

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