Tense Wood Unique Watch Hypo-Allergenic Solid Sandalwood L7509I Ladies

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  • Tense watch is made of a women with inlaid unique color woods with light face and arabic numbers 1 through 12. Natural, Elegant, Unique and becomes more glamorous and richer in color the more you wear it. It's feather - like weight is what makes it very comfortable on the wrist. Made of natural solid Sandlewood and maplewood, handcrafted by master craftsman.All wooden bracelets are hypo-allergenic and made so no metal touches the skin. Every watch is unique and one of a kind since wood is variable with each being slightly different. Adjustable with very small screwdriver to size bracelet or take it to your nearest watch shop. Care of watch is considered the same as other wood products.Comes in classy wood looking box, with watch pillow with warranty and registration information. Information also includes wood types and care and maintenance instructions.
Tense Wood Watches
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