Best Winter Men's Leather Gloves Made of Australia Lambskin Drive/work/motorcycle Riding/cycling LESS THAN $27.88 ARE FAKE, PLEASE FOUCS ON GENUINE KWESOR GLOVES

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  • Revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the leather of the gloves mimics the conductive properties of the human skin; this makes the gloves touchscreen compatible. The leather fully retains its characteristics, affording the wearer maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove. These are the leather gloves that enable complete control of touchscreen devices while keeping the hands warm. Ideal for use with smartphones, iPads, ATMs, fuel pumps, or GPS devices, the gloves' lambskin exteriors are impregnated with conductive material during the tanning process that allows their fingers to mimic the touch of human skin for nuanced, tactile control of capacitive touchscreen devices. Unlike traditional gloves that cannot interact with newer smartphone screens, these gloves allow accurate typing and enable any touchscreen command, such as zooming in or out via pinch gestures or scrolling through pictures with finger swipes.
    * Material: 100% Australia lambskin leather
    * Lining: Long fleece & 100% Pure Cashmere
    * Color: Black; Brown; Deep Blue

    Size Chart:

    Measurement for men gloves:
    Size S= 8" (20.0-21.0 cm)-Middle finger=8.8cm
    Size M= 8 1/2" (21.0 - 21.9 cm)-Middle finger=9.0cm
    Size L = 9 1/2 " (22.0 - 24.5 cm)-Middle finger=9.2cm
    Size XL= 10 1/2" (24.6 - 27.0 cm)-Middle finger=9.4cm
    Size 2XL= 11 1/2" (27.0 - 30.0 cm)-Middle finger=9.4cm

    Because gloves are sent when it just finished, so when you receive it, maybe it will smell bad. This is normal. But you just need to place gloves at ventilated place several days. The smell will gone.

    Don't do this:
    1. Rub on sharp or rough objects
    2. Place under the sun directly
    3. Dry it with a hair dryer

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