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Amsahr S-DBL40 Digital Replacement Battery PLUS Battery Travel Charger for Sanyo DBL40, DB-L40AU with Lens Accessories Pouch (Gray)

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  • Our state of the art Sanyo DB-L40 compatible battery & battery Charger are designed and manufactured under strict European ISO 9001 standards. Keep your camera powered at home and even in the car with the included car adapter in order to maximize your photo capturing time. The smart LED indicator will let you know while your battery is still charging and when it is ready to use. If your battery is fully charged there is no need to worry about memory effects on your battery since our intelligent charger's design switches to trickle mode to keep your battery at it's full performing potential. This Includes ONE Battery Charger Set, ONE Battery and ONE Leatherette Camera / Lens Accessories Pouch. Compatibilities: Camera models: Sanyo VPC-HD700, Cacti HD1, Cacti DMX-HD1, Cacti DMX-HD1A, Cacti DMX-HD2, Cacti DMX-HD800, Cacti VPC-HD1, Cacti VPC-HD1EX, Cacti VPC-HD1E, Cacti VPC-HD2, Vatic VPC-HD1A, Battery models: DB-L40, DBL40, DB-L40AU.

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