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Tiffen 82DPSLRKit 82mm Digital Pro SLR Filter Kit

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  • The Tiffen Digital Pro SLR Kit is an economical, pre-packaged assortment of filters that take the guesswork out of choosing a variety of creative filter effects for both scenic and portrait applications. The Digital Pro SLR Kit contains the following items: Digital Ultra Clear protection filter - This filter is made from ultra quality glass for ultimate protection and clarity. It may be kept on the lens at all times. Pro-Mist diffusion filter - This popular, exclusive Tiffen multi-use filter creates a special atmosphere by softening excess sharpness and contrast while maintaining focus. It is ideal for both landscape photography as well as portrait and wedding photography. Color-Grad ND.6 - Part clear, part neutral density, this color graduated filter balances the sky to the foreground for improved landscape photography. A microfiber cleaning cloth and 4 pocket filter pouch complete the kit. Tiffen filters offer special effects that can be previewed when it matters most - behind the camera. This saves time and frustration in post production because the effect can be seen immediately at the time of image capture. Multiple filter kits are more economical than individual filter purchases and provide a wide range of artistic possibilities for almost every application and budget.

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