GoClassical Rotating Gooseneck Mobile Lazy Cell Phone Stand/Mount - Pink

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  • The VERY ULTIMATE in modern consumer electronics CONVENIENCE, comfort, and simplified lazy living.
  • With the multi-purpose mobile cell phone long arms, you IMMEDIATELY enjoy the ultimate in convenience as you will be able to view your mobile phone or movies hands-free from virtually any position or setting, while relaxing - in bed, in your sitting room, at office or desk working, in your bathroom taking a bath, the kitchen cooking or eating, in the car driving or seated, etc
  • This model hardly ever breaks, but we will still give you 6 Months , try it out and see for yourself. Unlike other models which are often made of metal, this model is made of pliable rock-solid plastic.
  • Heavy duty sturdy holder, equipped with a new strong, two-in-one, clip-on, four-jaw claw (this four-jaw claw further has a special protective flexible glue slapped on it) that grips the phone (or whatever device that_s on it) very firmly and securely.
  • Our model is specially designed and cushioned to ensure it_s a firm consolidation holder equipped with a special safety circle that protects the item on which the holder is clamped on - your desk, or your bed_s headboard, etc. - from being torn or scratched up, while firmly gripping the item and preventing it from slipping off.
  • GoClassical_s holder comes with simple-to-implement instructions.
  • You can mount it virtually anywhere at home, in the office, in a park or gym, or in the car, etc.
  • Our simple rule is: As long as there is a place or space there where it can be clamped, it can be mounted and it can be used! You can mount it onto any desk, bed, chair, wall cabinet
  • On another is interchangeable stick-on mount, on a car windscreen, or any smooth surface, etc.
  • You should know that GoClassical_s model holds NOT just smart or mobile phones. But it can be just as effectively used, as well, for other applications and with other devices - such as to hold and mount your digital camera, MP3, GPS, cans, etc. Plus, it_s compatible with iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5, 4s, 3gs, iPod, GPS, PDA, Samsung galaxy, HTC, Nokia, LG, blackberry etc.
  • Now You May Simply Enjoy, Now No More Tired Arms or Accidental Crashing of Your Phone.
This is UNIVERSAL flexible Mobile Cell Phone holder & Smart Cell Phone Holder and Mount for desk, car, bike, des, car vent. Equipped with a 360-degree, easily-maneuverable long arms, when cell phone stand is simply clamped on any proper surface you choose (an office or home desk, a bed headboard, chair, kitchen or wall cabinet, etc.), it immediately allows you to position your smart phone holder (or GPS, digital camera, etc.), in any angle that will be the most convenient or comfortable for you, and thus you_d be IMMEDIATELY able to view and enjoy your movie, music & phone games, etc., from bed, or a desk, your car, your bedside sofa, or workout equipment, from wherever. Here, in this little phone mount & stand and holder for mobile phone, you enjoy the very ultimate in modern consumer electronics convenience, comfort, and simplified lazy living. The base of the cell phone cradle & mount and the phone mobile stand, comes with special universal Gooseneck - allows you to adjust the phone

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