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LoopPay Mobile Wallet Fob for Smartphones - Blue

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  • Pay instantly with the press of a button by holding the LoopPay Fob next to where you normally swipe a credit card so you can leave your wallet at home. The LoopPay Fob uses patented LoopPay MST technology that allows existing credit card readers to accept contactless payments.
  • The LoopPay Fob works at almost any store that uses a regular credit card swipe reader - there is no need to look for special equipment.
  • Securely store and organize all your magnetic stripe cards on the LoopPay app on your smartphone - all your credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards - even a picture of your driver's license.
  • LoopPay Fob can be locked by you based on timing and preference. The LoopPay app is PIN and password protected.
  • LoopPay Fob also connects to your smartphone audio jack when needed to load all your cards onto your phone.
The LoopPay Fob allows you to pay on the go at most stores and restaurants so you can leave your wallet at home. It is the world's first device that can make credit, debit and gift card payments with the cards of your choice at over 10 million merchants. LoopPay devices work with most existing credit card swipe readers so there is no special equipment needed at places where you make a payment. Plus you can store and organize all of your cards on your smartphone with the free LoopPay app. Simply place the LoopPay Fob against the credit card reader where you normally swipe and press the button on the LoopPay Fob to make a payment. To load your cards onto your smartphone and the LoopPay Fob, attach the LoopPay Fob to the audio jack so you can add in your cards within minutes.
LoopPay Fob
LoopPay Fob

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