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Tunewear IP5-EGG-SHELL-04 EggShell for iPhone 5 - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Brown

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  • eggshell for iPhone 5 is available in Clear, Pink, Red, Orange, Navy, Brown, Black and Clear White colors. The Clear and Clear White colors preserve the original look and feel of iPhone and are barely noticeable when attached. The Pink, Red, Orange, Navy, Brown and Black colors are rubber coated for a unique texture and give a good secure feeling when gripped in your hand. eggshell for iPhone 5 is as light and thin as an egg shell. It is made from high-purity polycarbonate and is only 0.75mm thick. It has been engineered to be the perfect balance of thinness and strength, and it fits iPhone like a glove. With eggshell on, all of the iPhone ports, buttons and camera remain open and accessible. There is no need to remove eggshell once it has been attached. The TUNEWEAR logo is embossed on the side which makes it a little easier to grip iPhone in your hand. On the back there are strap holes for attaching a phone strap or a favorite charm. Many useful accessories are included inside the package. These include TUNEFILM, a ring strap stand, a home button cover, a cleaning cloth and a squeegee. TUNEFILM protective film is for covering and protecting the iPhone touch screen. A squeegee helps to push away air bubbles during the installation process. The ring strap stand can be used as strap, a cable holder or an iPhone stand. The color of the ring strap matches the color of the eggshell case. The tactile home button cover protects against scratches and makes for fun and simple pressing of the home button. The home button cover is also made to specifically match the color of the case.

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