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Amsahr Replacement Battery for Sony BPL12, Z11MN/B, Z11VN/X, Z11WN/B, Z11XN/B, Z12GN/B, Z12MN/B

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  • Our state of the art Sony BPL12 compatible notebook battery is designed and manufactured under strict European ISO 9001 standards. It meets and exceeds high priced OEM products, allowing you to power your computer with a superior quality battery for a fraction of the price! Compatibilities: Laptop models: Sony Vaio Limited Edition 007, Z11MN/B, Z11VN/X, Z11WN/B, Z11XN/B, Z12GN/B, Z12MN/B, Z13GN/B, Z15, Z15N, Z16GN/B, Z17, Z17GN/B, Z17N, Z19, Z19N, Z21MN/B, Z21VN/X, Z21WN/B, Z21XN, Z21ZN/X, Z25, Z25/B, Z25TN/B, Z26GN/B, Z26MN/B, Z26SN/B, Z26TN/B, Z27, Z27/B, Z27GN/X, Z27TN/X, Z29N, Z29N/X, Z31MN/B, Z31VN/X, Z31WN/B, Z31ZN/X, Z35, Z35/B, Z35TN/B, Z36GD, Z36GD/B, Z36GD/J, Z36MD/B, Z36SD/B, Z36TD/B, Z36TD/J, Z37D, Z37D/B, Z37GD, Z37GD/X, Z39D, Z39D/X, Z45GD/B, Z46GD/B, Z46GD/U, Z46MD/B, Z46SD/B, Z47GD/X, Z48GD/X, Z520NB, Z530N/B, Z530NB, Z540EBB, Z540NLB, Z540NMB, Z550N/B, Z550NB, Z55GG/B, Z56GG/B, Z56GG/E, Z56MG/B, Z56SG/B, Z570AN, Z570FN, Z570N/B, Z570NB, Z575FN, Z57GG/X, Z58GG/X, Z590NJB, Z590UAB, Z591U/B, Z591UB, Z620D, Z620N/B, Z650N/B, Z670N/B, Z690CTO, Z690NAX, Z690PAB, Z690PCB, Z690PDB, Z690PEB, Z690PFB, Z690YAD, Z691Y/B, Z691Y/X, Z698Y/X, Z699JAB, Z70B, Z71JB, Z73FB, Z790DKX, Z790DLX, Z790DMR, Z790DND, Z798Y/X, Z820G/B, Z880G/B, Z890GLX, Z890GNE, Z898H/X, Z90FS, Z90NS, Z90PS, Z90S, Z90US, Z91DS, Z91JS, Z91PS, Z91YS, Z92DS, Z92JS, Z92PS, Z92YS, Z93FS, Z93GS, Z93HS, Z93VS, Battery models: VGP-BPL12, VGP-BPS12.

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