EasyGO egp-com-001 Compressed Air Electric Computer & Keyboard Cleaner

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  • Runs from 110v electricity not compressed air gas. Never worry again about rushing back to the computer or office supply store to get more air cans when CompuCleaner always has air ready to go. Compressed air products are powered by a liquid. They become gaseous as you depress the spray tip and allow product to escape. If you hold the air can upside down liquid will actually spray out of the can. Landfills are being filled up compressed air cans as they are not bio-degradable. Also, the first time you use the can the liquid inside becomes activated. Every spray after that becomes less and less powerful until the can is empty. There is no gauge on air cans so you never know when you will run out. CompuCleaner is safe for the environment and is always ready to offer high pressure air as needed. For the cost of 8-12 compressed air cans you can own the CompuCleaner. No charging time, just plug into electrical outlet and it is ready to blow high pressure air immediately. Extra-long 9 foot cord makes it easy to use everywhere it is needed. Powerful 500 watts of power using 4.5 amps of electricity. The CompuCleaner has an air flow of 70 CFM and can be used continuously with no loss of air pressure unlike air cans that continually lose air pressure until the can is empty. CompuCleaners only weighs 1.8 pounds. Attachments allow multiple items to be cleaned. Large attachment is good for cleaning large areas like server rooms and equipment. The round attachment is designed to blast a powerful surge of air into a specific location. The brush and flexible smaller attachment can fit into hard to reach areas and allows scrubbing on heavily dusted areas and can also be used to clean the keyboard. Compucleaner can also be used to clean cameras, copy machines, printers, medical devices, motors and other electronic devices. Don't let dust build up on your electronic components possibly causing expensive damage.

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