LapWorks iPad mini 4 Softgrip Handle Designed Exclusively for iPad Mini 4 in a Hard Case With a Soft Grip Neoprene Handle and 360 Degree Swiveling

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    This listing is for the newest iPad Mini 4 Softgrip Handle, the smaller version of our best selling Soft Grip iPad Handle for full-sized iPads. Compatible with iPad Mini 4 only.

    Some iPad grips can fatigue your hand because they are rigid and/or rough in texture. The soft and comforting feeling of the Mini Softgrip's neoprene handle conforms to your hand with a gentle caress that doesn't fatigue your hand which allows you to work longer than other rigid handle-type iPad holders.

    The Neoprene handle is completely adjustable and can accommodate the largest of hands, left or right handed. Besides sliding your hand through the neoprene handle, the handle can also be gripped with a fist so as to adjust your hand position for variety of movement.

    The Soft Grip is a rigid case that snaps on to the four corners of the iPad Mini and holds it securely so it can never slip out of its grip. Built into the hard shell case is a low profile 360 degrees swiveling mechanism that is no thicker than the case that surrounds your iPad Mini. And you can use the iPad Mini's Smart Cover with the Mini Softgrip because it has a designed-in channel along one side made for the Smart Cover hinge.

    The high impact ABS plastic case that encapsulates the iPad Mini has a rubberized finish on both sides that is soft to the touch and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a little TLC. The cover can be easily snapped onto the iPad Mini and once attached it holds with a vengeance. But can also be easily removed when necessary. This great ergonomic handle will make all of the difference in your iPad mini comfort.

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