TOPGREENER TSOS5-W In Wall PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch, Single-Pole, Fluorescent 500VA/ Motor 1/8Hp / Incandescent 500W NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED, White

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  • TOPGREENER TSOS5-W Passive Infrared In-Wall Motion Sensor Light Switch, you can enjoy great savings and convenience with lighting control. When you put the slide switch button to AUTO mode, TSOS5 PIR motion-activated sensor will detect motion and turn on load such as a lights, fans, motors, or heaters automatically; and turn off the load when no motion is sensed for preset delay time. Variable delay time between 15 seconds, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

    Passive Infrared(PIR) sensors detect occupancy by sensing the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and background space. To provide adequate coverage with-in a space, motion activated sensors utilize a unique Fresnel lens which divides the coverage area into zones, thus enhancing the detection of small movement. The maximum coverage area is up to 980 sq. ft., 150-degree field of view; sensitivity level is adjustable in 4 positions from 30% to 100%.

    With Top Greener's TSOS5 in-wall motion sensor light switch, you will enjoy the energy efficient benefits and avoid energy waste by preventing lights to turn on at Daylight even when motion is detected.
    Top Greener's TSOS5 motion sensor light switch is perfect for areas like your hallway, stairway, closet, bathroom garage, and more! Use the TSOS5 as occupancy motion detector sensor, or set it to be in manual OFF or ON mode just like your standard ON/OFF. This operation can be done easily by sliding the sliding switch on the front of the motion sensor.


    Incandescent: 500-Watt @ 120 VAC
    Fluorescent: 500-Volt Amp @ 120 VAC
    Motor: 1/8HP @ 120 VAC
    Coverage: 150 degrees, 450 square feet
    Single-Pole use only
    Neutral wire required
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