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Gro1 8-Way Hydroponic Power Strip with Timer - 120V

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  • Great for HPS and MH Lights
  • hydroponics systems
  • fans
  • blowers and air conditioners
  • hydroponic systems
Great for HPS and MH Lights, hydroponics systems, fans, blowers and air conditioners. The timer can be set to go ON or OFF in 15 minute increments, for a total of 96 ON or OFF times in a 24 hour period. Regular irrigation is very important to healthy hydroponic plant growth. Automatically turn your pump and hydroponic systems on and off precisely when you desire. This grounded, 15 amp capacity, mechanical timer works with all light and hydroponic systems and features dual 3 prong grounded female receptacles which operate on the same cycle.
Power Strip
Power Strip

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