KJB Security Products DVR254 Wall Socket Style 720p Hidden Camera with DVR, PIR Sensor, 30fps

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  • Covertly keep tabs on your home or office with an AC Outlet Hidden Camera from KJB Security. This covert spy camera wirelessly mounts to a wall giving the appearance of an AC outlet to others. Located between each outlet is a camera that can take high definition, 1280x720 resolution, video or digital images. A switch on the side lets you choose whether to record video or take digital pictures and the camera will be activated when the PIR sensor detects motion. When set to video the camera will record for as long as it is able to detect motion and then automatically return to standby when movement ceases. If photo is selected then the camera will automatically snap 3 digital photos when the PIR sensory picks up movement and it will continue to do so each time new movement is detected. Video and images are stored on a 4GB micro SD card (included) and can be expanded up to a 32GB micro SD card, sold separately, if more memory is required. The AC Outlet Camera's battery is rechargeable via an AC wall outlet or USB connection and it will last up to 5 days when charged fully. Included with product are a beige and a white faceplate to make it easier to blend in with the rest of the outlets.

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