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Patriot Fuel 1500mAh

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  • Take it, Charge it, Fuel Up. Specifically designed for use with iPhone 5, 5thGeneration iPod Touch and 7th Generation iPod Nano, the FUEL+ 1500 mAh fully certified to Apple's MI program and features a built in Lighting connector for direct plug-in and charge functionality, with no cable required. Engineered and built to leading laptop battery standards, Patriot's FUEL+ mobile rechargeable batteries are the best and most reliable solution to ensure you will always have power for your mobile devices when you need it. To safeguard against under-discharge, over-charge, and short-circuit, FUEL+ comes with built-in protection to ensure efficient and safe charging cycles. The FUEL+ also features power pass through technology that enables the battery tube charged when plugged in to a USB or wall outlet, while charging a mobile device.

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