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Phonesuit Journey All-In-One Charger 3500 Mah Psjourn35Blk

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  • Users never have to worry about carrying another cable again. With the integrated Lightning and Micro USB cables users can charge virtually any device in a compact, easy to carry power solution.
    The innovative, retractable, wall charger design makes this charger ideal for travel. It combines all of a user's charging needs into one simple device.
    With the built in battery cell, users can charge their smartphone or table virtually anywhere. Users can easily slip this charger in a pocket, bag, or purse for power when they need it most.
    Built-In 3000 mAh Battery Pack- Phonesuit's high performance battery cell and advanced chipset can deliver up to 125% of extra power to an iPhone on demand.
    Ultra Slim Design- Easily carry the Journey in your pocketm bag, or purse with it's slim profile.
    Integrated Lightning Connector- The Lightning connector tip is built-in so you never have to worry about carrying an extra cable.
    Attached Micro USB Connector- The Micro USB connector tip is built-in. Charge your Samsung Galaxy S5, Note, HTC One, Nexus and more.
    2 Hour Quick Charge- Quick Charge Technology can fully charge an iPhone 6 Plus in about 2 hours.


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