Quarton Beamshot Infiniter 2000 Directional Green Beam Pointer - Black

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  • Ultra-bright 3~5mW red laser light,different from those products with unclear small light spot.
  • Equipped with an additional smart writingball point pen, the refills can be easily changed.
  • Pen body is of robust and durable designand treated with a bright coating finish, excellent quality, and is equivalentto a high class smart writing pen.
  • It is a Red Laser Presenter Pen withfunction to remote control presentation slides up and down.
  • It adopts the infra-red remote controltechnology for easy operation just like operating a TV set or air-conditionedunit (directional).
  • Designed for easy operation, and can do ityourself for changing the refill and battery.
  • Elegant design, supplied with a pen clip,convenient for carriage.
  • Upon induction of the receiver, the redlight is flashing as indication.
  • Can be used without installing an extrasoftware.
  • 100% made in Taiwan, quality assured.
  • This unit meets the International LaserSafety Standards in the USA and many western countries
Elegant pen-shaped design with clip which Lightweight (600g Incl batteries) and durable The powerful/ultra bright green laser makes it suitable for any screens and large-scaled conference rooms.

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