• System can be expanded to support up to 16 stations total (15 desksets + 1 console). Add cordless accessories (handsets and headsets) as needed.
  • Manage calls from 1- 4 telephone lines simultaneously.
  • Program the system to answer outside calls, provide callers with a company directory, automatically forward calls to specific extensions and let callers record voice message when there's no answer-any time of the day or night.
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • Program up to 32 phone numbers for easy one- and two-touch dialing (16 one-touch, 16 two-touch).
  • Group mailbox (max 40 minutes of recording time), Private mailbox (max 20 minutes of recording time), Two-way call recording, Caller ID/call waiting, Cordless DECT headset (IS6100)
  • Supports 4 Analog lines for voice, Expandable up to 16 stations (1 console, 15 desk sets), Auto attendant, Day/night mode, 5-party conferencing, Line groups, Call transfer, Intercom.
Eris Business System Main Console is a 4 analog line PBX system, capable of connecting up to 15 more UP406 desk sets and pairing the UP407 handsets with every desk set. It connects to a user's Local Area Network and utilizes any service provider's analog lines to call out. UP416 Allows for 5-party conferencing, music on hold, Auto Attendant and Individual, Group Voicemail and has a two-year warranty.
  • Multiple Conferencing: 5
  • Number of Ring Tones: 10
  • Phone Book/Directory Memory: 250
  • ports: 1 Ethernet (RJ-45); 1 headset; 1 phoneline (RJ-11)
  • Product Line: ErisBusinessSystem
  • recording time: 1 hour
  • remote access: Yes
  • screen resolution: 102 x 66
  • screen type: LCD
  • speakerphone: yes
  • Speed Dial Memory: 32
  • Total Number of Phone Lines: 4

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