Thinkpad T450 14" Ultrabook i5 2.30GHz 4GB 500GB Windows 8.1 (20BXCTO1WW)

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  • Quality of T450s construction is not up to old ThinkPad standards, with some obvious cheapening, but is still pretty good. Annoyances include the difficulty of prying off the bottom cover (after removing 8 screws) to get to the inside, and fingerprint-revealing textured plastic instead of the old rubberized finish. But it's quite solid, no flexing, and quite compact
  • Port layout is reasonably good on both sides with nothing on the back. All USB ports are 3.0 with excellent performance. But Mini DisplayPort means you may have to buy and carry an easy-to-lose dongle. Wi-Fi performance (Intel 802.11ac 2x2) seems better than earlier generation 802.11n Intel cards, even those with 3x3. Bluetooth connections are fast. Speakers are decent but nothing to write home about. Webcam quality is improved over earlier generations, but still struggles in low light. Fingerprint reader is a big improvement.
  • The 1920x1080 IPS screen may take some getting used to, but really is a good deal better than TN screens, and is pretty close to proper calibration out of the box.
  • The island keyboard is pretty good for what it is, but the layout still suffers as compared to the classic ThinkPad keyboard. Layout of Home End Insert Delete and PrtSc are poor, and other keys like Pause/Break are missing entirely, now only available as Fn key combinations (like Fn+B for Break) that are not marked on the keys.
The ThinkPad T450s is one of the best new ultrabooks. While it's not as thin as some, it's still quite compact, and much easier to service than thinner machines, and the Full HD IPS screen is a standout feature. PROC: 1x Intel Core i5-5300U = 2.30GHz , MEM: 2x 4GB_1600-Mhz , HD: 1x 500GB 1x 16GB , VID: Intel Broadwell-U Integrated Graphics, RAID: Wildcat Point-LP SATA Controller [AHCI Mode], MODEL: 20BXCTO1WW, FORM: Notebook
  • HD: 1x 500GB 1x 16GB
  • Intel Core i5-5300U = 2.30GHz
  • MEM: 2x 4GB_1600-Mhz

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