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Casio Memopri Label Printer Black MEP-K10-IH

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  • CASIO Memopri MEP-K10

    Lapel printer from CASIO, the Memopri is perfect for desk top or hand held usage. Right out of the packaging, it's easy to operate with simple function keys. Printing is a breeze and compared to the competition significantly faster. The label refills are easy to install. The label refills come in three different widths (9mm, 12mm, 18mm) and three different colors (white, yellow, pink). They are easy to attach, peel off and reattach leaving no adhesive residue. The Memopri label printer the perfect choice for the office, school, and home.

    Special Features

    The Memopri MEP-K10 from CASIO is a label tape printer for mobile or stationary use perfectly suitable for temporary labelling that has to be created quickly or spontaneously.

    • Small, mobile device for printing labels and sticky notes
    • Simple, fast and flexible printing
    • Suitable for temporary labelling
    • Reusable and easy to remove without leaving residue
    • No backing paper easy to remove
    • Clear typeface always ensures exceptional legibility
    • The paper reel is available in three different sizes and colors
    • 2 lines / 16 digits
    • QWERTY Keyboard
    • 96dot Thermal Printing Process
    CASIO Memopri MEP-K10

    An Organizational Genius in the Office

    The practical, self-adhesive labels/sticky notes are ideal for a whole host of applications and allow you to organize your workspace.

    Organize Important Documents

    Contracts are highly sensitive documents and the Memopri allows you to label them accordingly. Important notes such as "Requires discussion" and "Sign here" can be affixed to the document without any problems. These cleanly affixed memos with brilliant type make an exceptionally professional impression and don t leave any residue behind.

    Small Labels, Big Effect

    Labels are used on a daily basis in the office. When job folders, register files and circulars are legibly labelled, they can be found faster. Once a process has been completed, the folder or file can be used over and over again. Simply remove the label and affix a new one.

    Reminder in Your Own Workspace

    With the Memopri, you can ensure that frequently used information is always visible and can be accessed quickly. Whether it s phone numbers, frequently required dialing codes and passwords, or colleagues holidays and birthdays, you can keep it all nice and organized in your workspace.

    CASIO Memopri MEP-K10

    A Helping Hand in the Field of Medicine

    For clinical applications in particular, notes and labels need to be legible and can t afford to get lost. The CASIO Memopri offers a reliable solution.

    Safely Label Samples

    The Memopri prevents laboratory sample mistakes and inconsistencies by quickly printing out the patient s name, ward, date and time, and any noteworthy facts all essential information is reliably affixed to the sample.

    Medication Labeling Promotes Transparency

    A clear overview of medication is essential for staff and patients alike. You can organize the medication cabinet with labels such as "Pain relief" and "Sedatives". Essential information such as "Opened on ..." and "Not for people with hemophilia" can be affixed directly to containers of medication for clarity at a glance.

    The Simple Way to Plan

    Late shift, early shift, shift swapping with the Memopri, you can create a schedule overview in no time. If there s a change to the plan, the labels/sticky notes can simply be removed and affixed to another position. Scribbles and crossed-out names are a thing of the past.

    CASIO Memopri MEP-K10

    Ensuring Order in the Classroom

    Where children play, chaos ensues. But Memopri makes it easy to restore order, thus simplifying a whole host of activities.

    Making a Name for Children

    It s hard to imagine a school without name labels. They re used in the classroom, on shelves and on personal items such as books, bags and lunchboxes. Children soon learn where their things are kept or where they belong. Once entered, each name can be printed out and affixed over and over again with the Memopri.

    Little Treasures

    Children love to bring home their paintings and show them off with pride. To prevent any mix-ups, the child s name can be printed out with the Memopri in no time and affixed to the folder or directly onto the picture and then removed again without leaving any residue.

    Keeps Pace with Swift Changes

    The Memopri cuts a fine figure wherever you need labels/sticky notes that have to be frequently repositioned. Thus you can record the rapid growth of your little ones every month on the wall or door frame without leaving a mess. And the versatile labels/sticky notes are ideally suited to creating game, meal and weekly plans: team A in the sports hall in the morning, team B on the playground in the afternoon. Or maybe the other way round? Simply remove the labels and stick them somewhere else.


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