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1.9"x1.2" Polyester Raised Panel Labels for TLS Printers - 100 ct - Black

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Brady 110497/PTLEP-168-593-BK raised panel labels for TLS printers. Designed to make legend plate creation quick, less expensive, and hassle free. Use for electrical components, electrical cabinets, push buttons, patch panels, and any other applications you can imagine. B-593 Adhesive-tape polyesters are designed for patch panel identification in identifying external push-buttons, switches, and internal connection points. B-593 is also used as rating and serial plates using alphanumerics that require name plate quality. Thermal transfer printable raised panel labels. B-593 adhesive-taped polyester material is used. This material can also be used for rating and serial plates using alphanumerics that require name plate quality. BMP71, TLS 2200, TLS-PC link printer compatibility. Size is 1.9" height, 1.2" width, color is black. Gloss finish. Applications are general and industrial identification, panel identification, raised panel labels. Applications of TLS 2200 raised panel labels are a
TLS Printers Labels

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