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Brady XC Plus 0.5" x 0.35" B-319 Non-Shrink Polyolefin Labeling Tape

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  • BradySleeve non-shrink wire marker sleeves for the I.D. PRO plus, LS2000 and bradymarker XC plus printers
  • The brady R5000 series and R2000 series high performance ribbons are recommended for best dot matrix print performance
  • B-319 Bradysleeve marker is not recommended for extended outdoor application
B-319 BradySleeve Marker is a non-shrinkable polyolefin wiremaker sleeve material that demonstrates outstanding legend permanence and smudge resistance used in manufacturing, construction, and maintenance activities to identify electrical wires and cables where specifications or environments require the use of sleeves. B-319 BradySleeve Markers are dot matrix printable sleeves supplied in various configurations. B-319 can also be printed with a typewriter or permanent marking pen. The Brady R5000 Series and R2000 Series high performance ribbons are recommended for best dot matrix print performance.
Labeling Tape

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