Lathem PC600-KIT Touch Screen Time & Attendance System

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  • Lathem PC600 Touch Screen Time Clock System makes records of hours worked easily accessible to both employees and supervisors. Employees clock in with a simple tap of a proximity badge or by using the full-color touch screen to enter a PIN. The touch screen of this Lathem time attendance clock also allows supervisors to access records easily, making it simple to edit times or add new employees to the system. This time clock handles records for up to 50 employees, expandable to 1,000 employees for large or growing businesses. PayClock software is included for simple records management. The PC600 uses Ethernet communications to connect to your local area network (LAN). A built-in lithium battery backup will keep all data and settings for up to 8 years without power. The clock can hold over 100,000 punches in its 128MB of RAM memory. The PC600 will remain functional if the connection to the computer goes down. Employees can still clock in and out using PIN entry or proximity badges. Supervisor functions at the clock, like punch editing and messaging, are not available until the connection is restored, but it does not affect employees clocking in or out. Includes 15 employee proximity badges. Since 1919, Lathem time clocks have set the standard for quality, durability and accuracy.

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