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Porelon 1-Lift Off Correction Tape for Smith H Series (POR11420)

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  • Exceptional light fastness and durable impressions
  • Designed to operate with original equipment identified
  • Compatible typewriter mylar ribbon
Porelon 1-Lift Off Correction Tape for Smith H Series (POR11420). Compatible Brand Lift Off Cassette (6/PK) for Smith Corona 235DLE/ 240DLE/ 250DLE/ 300DLE/ 335DLE/ 340DLE/ 350DLE/ 400DLD/ 435DLD/ 440DLD/ 450DLD/ 450DLE/ 530DLD/ 535DLD/ 540DLD/ 600DLD/ 635DLD/ 640DLD/ 650DLD/ CXL-4200/ CXL-4210/ CXL-4300/ CXL-4310/ CXL-4700/ CXL-5100/ CXL-5200/ Deville 410/ Deville 450/ Deville 470/ Deville 510/ Deville 580/ Deville 600/ Deville 610/ Deville 650/ Deville 700/ Deville 750/ Deville 800/ Display 1000/ Display 800/ Display 900/ DX-2600/ DX-3400/ DX-3500/ DX-3600/ DX-4000/ DX-4400/ DX-4500/ DX-4600/ DX-5000/ DX-6000/ FX-1510/ H- - Options On Lift-OFF/ Mark 100/ Mark 200/ Mark 225/ Mark 290/ Mark 300/ Mark 325/ Mark 400/ Mark IX/ Mark VI/ Mark VIII/ Mark XI/ Mark XII/ Mark XVI/ Mark XVII/ Mark XVIII/ Mark XXI/ Mark XXII/ Mark XXIII/ Mark XXVI/ Mark XXX/ Memory Correct 600/ Memory Correct NA1HH/ NA3HH Display 800/ Office 2000/ Premier 100/ Privileg 1620/ Privileg 1630/ Privileg 1640/ PWP-1000
  • Correction Tape Type: Lift-Off
  • Office Machine: Typewriter
Lift Off Correction Tape

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