Sharp AN3DG30 AN-3DG30 Active Shutter 3D Glasses

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  • Application/Usage-Television;

    NOTE: 1. Do not scratch the surface of the lenses of the 3D Glasses with a pointed instrument or other object. Doing so may damage the 3D Glasses and reduce the quality of the 3D image. 2. Do not allow the infrared receiver to become dirty, and do not attach stickers to or otherwise cover the infrared receiver. Doing so may prevent the receiver from operating normally. If the 3D Glasses are affected by other infrared data communication equipment, the 3D images may not be displayed correctly. 3. Do not use devices that emit strong electromagnetic waves (such as cellular phones or wireless transceivers) near the 3D Glasses. Doing so may cause the 3D Glasses to malfunction. 4. Be sure to stay within the viewing angle and optimum TV viewing distance when watching 3D images. Otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy the full 3D effect. The 3D Glasses may not work properly if there is any other 3D product or electronic devices turned on near the glasses or TV. If this occurs, turn off the other 3D product or electronic devices or keep the devices as far away as possible from the 3D Glasses


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