• The Thinnest Indoor Hi-VHF / UHF Antenna That Actually Works.
  • Multi-directional design allows for reception from all angles but can be directed for harder to reach
  • The HD-BLADE is designed so you can easily add cable or an amplifier
The ultimate in indoor free an indoor antenna that actually works! With the HDBLADE, you will have a discreet TV antenna that hides in the background, while getting 1080 HD content just like a 10 foot on the roof antenna would! The HD Blade has real silver elements embedded between two thin sheets of industrial grade plastic. The design of the elements mimic that of a long range outdoor antenna, but for the first time technology has allowed us to print metal elements on to a sheet. The same stealth technology that put antennas in the mud flap of vehicles is being used to bring you a high performance TV antenna, in a razor thin design that you can hide away.
Antenna Type: Fixed
Xtreme Signal
Indoor HDTV Antenna

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