dreamGEAR Wii U Concert Wirelessly Pro Charging Dock

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  • Wii U GamePad and 2 Wii Remotes simultaneously. Induction Charging allows for wireless charging. No need to remove the silicone sleeves on your Wii U controllers.
  • Includes two replacement rechargeable batteries for your Wii remote.
  • Integrated speaker for high-quality sound when watching movies or videos on your WiiU Gamepad.
  • Includes 2 USB ports for charging your Wii U Pro Controller or other USB devices.
  • Sleek low profile design that is both beautiful and durable. Even adds a volume control to control the integrated speaker and charge LED indicator lights that let you know when the your devices are fully charged.
Charge your Wii U Gamepad and 2 Wii Remotes simultaneously while listening to music from your Wii U Gamepad. Wii Remotes charge via induction. Includes 2 Wii Remote induction batteries and a 100/240 AC adapter.
Charging Dock
Charging Dock

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