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LETTERS FROM NOWHERE 1 & 2 PC Video Game Awem Studio

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  • minimum resolution required:1024 x 768
  • release date:5/3/13
  • minimum processor compatibility:1GHz
  • brand name:Awem
  • game content:hidden object
  • additional requirements:DirectX? 9.0 compliant
  • platform:Windows
  • software type:CD-ROM
  • minimum hard disk space:350 MB
  • operating system compatibility:Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • age recommendation:13+ years
  • memory requirements:1 MB
  • Discover the truth behind Audrey's husband's disappearance - Audrey has hard times. Her husband disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. She lives on trust and still believes that he will return home. One day she finds an unco letter supposedly written by her husband?
  • You are to help Audrey find out the truth behind his disappearance and get answers. Dramatic and captivating story, heaps of mysterious letters, tons of hidden objects - all these await you in a new hidden object adventure game Letters from Nowhere.
  • Walk through more than 30 enigmatic locations: an old cemetery, a provincial town, an artist studio. Meet eccentric characters and find clues. Follow letters to unlock the mystery. Who knows what can stand behind an ordinary letter from nowhere? After collecting all the letters with the help of the dead postman spirit, Audrey believes that they will lead her to the missing husband. But the last letter sends her to a sleepy town on a new mysterious adventure. In Lette
Awem Studio
LETTERS FROM NOWHERE 1 & 2 Hidden Object PC Video Game

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