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Ivation Brush Set 24 Pieces Handmade Natural/Synthetic Bristle with Wooden Handle and Leather Pouch (24 Pieces)

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  • Ivation makeup brush set is beauty best kept secret. Because of its quality materials, these makeup brushes are comparable to high end department store brands. You get 20 high-quality brushes for the price of one big name brush, yet the price is as competitive as common drugstore brushes.-We use the highest quality synthetic fibers that are plush, velvety and smooth. You'll find they are easier to clean and repel bacteria, which for you means longer lasting brushes and a clean face.This is a set of 20 nicely designed makeup brushes. They come in a cotton canvas bag that holds all of the brushes and there is even a flap to allow you to add some blush, eyeshadow, Q-Tips or cotton balls. The bag even has a strap and you can mount it to your waist it you are a professional cosmetician. This set gives you every size and style of brush you will need to create the look that you want. It even includes an eyebrow comb and brush and an eye lash brush. It has brushes to apply blush or eyeshadow, or eyeliner in any width or density that your want to use. There are even brushes for your lips to apply gloss coats for example.The soft fibers help create a HD finish in all environments, from office to beach.Blend makeup wonderfully with these cosmetic brushes. Get phenomenal coverage and achieve the professional look. Use the eye and face brushes for contouring, foundation, eyeshadow, blush and bronzer application.Each brush is hand-cut to the to ensure a natural-looking, streak-free and pixel-perfect coverage, whilst also allowing precise application from soft & delicate to dense & full. The brush handle is lovingly and expertly crafted from solid wood, giving a satisfying weight to each brush and allowing for easy application due to carefully measured brush heights.The brushes are made of synthetic hair and the handles are made of bamboo. That means that they are not made from animal hair and are more hygienic and they avoid animal cruelty. They all come individually wrap

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