Xtava Peony 1875W Hair Dryer with Turbo JOHNSON Motor - Pink

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  • The Peony is designed to be easy to use and ultra-powerful, cutting the struggle from your styling. The salon grade 1875 W motor and advanced ionic technology reduce dry time, leaving you with precious spare minutes to perfect your nails or try on three more outfits. Peony girls mean it when they say "Be ready in ten!".
  • We can't be the only ones who have sat in a salon chair and marveled at how expertly our stylist maneuvered her dryer. It's your turn to wow with your styling skills. The Peony is lightweight, only 1.5 lb., and features an ergonomically designed handle to suit both lefties and righties. Topped off with a 360 degree swivel cord, the Peony will have you skipping the salon.
  • Proper heat is crucial to a perfect blowout. But not all heat settings are created equal. The Peony features two heat levels; use the high heat setting only on thick hair or soaking wet normal hair that needs a quick preliminary blast. For finer hair, stick to the lower heat level to prevent breaking or damage.
  • Every beauty guru knows the final step to setting a style is a blast of cool air. That's why the Peony has a cool shot button specifically for this purpose.
Peony 1875W Hair Dryer with Turbo JOHNSON Motor, Professional Performance and Compact Design
Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

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