Copper Peptide Rejuvenate By Encouraging Cell Turnover And Revealing Youthful Looking Skin A Must For Mature & Aging Skin Perfection

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  • ****This is a DIY Ingredient, NOT a Ready Made Serum. Please contact us if you need help finding a ready made serum such as our Nourish that contains Copper Peptide.****

    Copper Peptide
    Recommended usage rate up to 1%.
    .5 fl. oz. Blue Glass Dropper Bottle

    Give your skin's vitality a boost with our preservative free Copper Peptide D-I-Y Ingredient. Copper Peptide is essential for healthy skin and hair. Copper Peptide is a micro nutrient that helps your skin function properly. Copper Peptide helps your skin stay young and retain it s natural beauty by improving the look of your skin and diminishing the look of wrinkles, including crows feet. Just add a small amount to any cream, serum or moisturizer.

    Instructions & Chart for D-I-Y Ingredients are included in every order.
Skin Perfection

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