Herbal Choice Mari Facial Wash m/w Organic Dry Skin 200ml/ 6.8oz Pump

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  • Since 1995 Natures Brand's Herbal Choice Mari line has been offering consumers the very best facial cleansers with the highest quality ingredients. Herbal Choice Mari Liquid Natural Facial Wash is USDA Certified as Made with Organic. It is a pure all natural facial wash for dry and sensitive skin. The perfect moisturizing facial wash, as it cleanses the skin leaves it nice and smooth. It has a creamy texture with almost no suds, without the sulfates or any other chemicals that tend to strip the skin of its natural state. Helps remove all dirt and impurities that adhere to the skin. For long term healthy skin use a 3 step process by toning the skin after washing. Try Herbal Choice Mari Organic Facial Toner (item # B00J8TR25U) and Organic Unscented Day Cream (item# B00GO8UMMI). The skin needs to be toned to neutralize the pH of the skin followed by adding beneficial oils, even if your skin is oily, that do not clog the pores but instead nourish the skin to ensure long term healthy skin. When the oils are plant based your skin will not feel smothered or clogged. Try it with Herbal Choice Mari Organic Facial Toner (see item # B00J8TR25U for dry skin, item # B00J8TWY0I-normal to oily, # B00J8U2KWE for acne skin and Herbal Choice Mari Organic Skin Rejuvenator (see item # B00GO8HYWE for dry skin and normal to oily item # B00GX8J2UC); you will not be disappointed! See our organic certification for each product at http://www.naturesbrands.com/natures-brands-NOP-certified-organic-certificate.pdf.
Herbal Choice Mari

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