Mebarra Waterproof 30L Backpack with Air Valve Strap - Blue

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  • The waterproof backpack bag is Reusable and designed for durability. Contains roll-down closing features. Manufactured using flexible, soft materials to ensure cold-weather comfort.
  • Water-resistant rating IPX7. High level of buoyancy in water. The dry bag designed to secure dry storage of all content, including clothes, iphone,ipad,electronics, and other items, should the dry bag fall into the water, The dry bag easily for kayaking, travelling, fishing, rafting, floating, camping, swimming and boating. 100% Waterproof, can floating in the water.
  • The backpack waterproof dry bag with padded shoulder strap is removable and can be adjusted to size. Side handle is ideal for easy carrying and hanging, and flexibility for use as duffle bag or backpack. Detachable Waistband is easily adjustable, and can be hooked on any 8 D-rings on the dry bags waterproof.
  • Comes with an air valve makes compression or inflation of your airtight dry sack easy.
  • Come with Clear PVC at the inside of collar that stick together for increasing the waterproof when the dry bag is rolled down.
The Backpack Waterproof Dry Bag is a watertight bag that keeps your precious things dry. Canoeists, fishermen, SUPers, and anyone else who prefers their food, iPhone, or gear stay out of the river or ocean depend on them.

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