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Phoebus Tactical Mission Light - Black

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  • The all new Phoebus Mission Light was developed from an idea generated by a commercial airline pilot. Simply put, the Mission Light puts the light source where you want it with finger tip control without creating light spill that could inhibit night vision. Hands-free use allows the user to see using white, red or blue light. Professional and reliable for use by pilots of airplanes and ships as well as their passengers. Ideal for use backstage by stage crew, by security personnel, ushers, movie-goers, campers and more. Perfect for reading menus in dark restaurants. The Mission Light uses two Lithium Ion battery cells for a continuous run time of 3 hours. A set of two extra batteries is included, for a total of 4 batteries in the package. A colored soft silicon skin is removed to install batteries in the polycarbonate housing case. The comfortable silicon skin is cleverly designed with an integrated O-ring which wraps around the finger to hook onto the backside of the Mission Light with a size adjustment so that "one size fits all". The Mission Light is available in 7 colors: Black, Green, Orange, Blue, Fuchsia, Red and Glow-in-the-Dark clear-color silicon.
Phoebus Tactical

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