Handlebar Vintage Style Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor w/ Blades

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  • Offers a closer and smoother shave than a disposable multi-blade razor.
  • Easier to shave hard to reach places like under the nose and around the Adam's apple.
  • Replacement blades are much more affordable than multi-blade options.
  • A single sharp blade irritates the skin less than multiple blades.
  • It makes you feel like a man!
This double edge safety razor provides a close, clean, and comfortable barbershop level shave to eliminate razor burn and irritation. With a stainless steel handle and shiny chrome plated head this is a razor you'll be passing down to the next generation. The 3.5 inch handle will fit any size hand and is milled to ensure it never slips even when wet. The stainless steel handle weighs 2.70 ounces and the head is 1.05 ounces for a total of 3.75 ounces. This is not a lightweight aluminum razor! The head quickly and easily unscrews making it a snap to change blades. Tighten it down to keep the razor in the same position throughout your entire shave. Works with any double edge razor blade and includes 5 free quality blades packaged with the razor.
Handlebar Shaving
Safety Razor
Safety Razor

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