Aroma1 Diffuser & Humidifier with 7 Colors Changing

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  • This essential oil aroma diffuser ionizes the air with soothing hydration, creating a therapeutic effect on your body and an aromatic environment in your home. The Aroma 1 is an essential oil diffuser that humidifies and ionizes the air with scented hydration. Ultrasonic vibrations create a fine vapour of water and essential oils, purifying and perfuming the air without heating or damaging the oils' soothing properties. The Aroma 1 is the perfect device to help you slow down and rejuvenate. Paired with essential oils, the Aroma 1 produces a therapeutic effect on your body and an pleasing, aromatic environment in your home. As you use your diffuser, a tranquil mist will be released and it will glow with a multi-colour LED light to inspire wellness, creativity and relaxation. Plus, with its ultra-quiet operation, the Aroma 1 can refresh any atmosphere without disturbance. Avoid harsh chemicals, aerosol sprays and harmful toxins and treat yourself with natural method of rejuvenation.
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