All in one intelligent eye massager with air pressure massage, far infrared heat therapy, vibration massage, and music therapy EM2404G

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  • This Intelligent Eye Massager adapts the sharp-edged technology of air pressure, far infrared therapy, vibration, and music therapy which computerized specially for eye care and brain care. Through warming up the eye area, massaging on the eye balls and all the acupoints around the eyes and temples, to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply, relax nerves, adjust muscles, finally prevent myopia, refresh the brain, and smoothen the skin around the eyes.

    Applicable people group:

    People such as students who suffer from shortsightedness, amblyopia, astigmatism.
    People who work with eyes for long time, including computer operator, accountants, designers, writers etc.
    People who suffer from pouch, black eye ring and eye wrinkle caused by tiredness, unsmooth blood circulation.
    People specially the aged ones suffer from insomnia, headache and presbyopia etc.

    Trouble shooting tips: The massage function works by air pressure massage. The default is 0 which means no massage. If you want massage, please choose mode Air Pressure, in this mode you can choose 1 to 4 to adjust massage strength. If in other mode, even you choose massage strength level, the equipment can not massage.

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