Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor with Downloadable Health Tracking App

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  • The Pyle PHBP Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Change the way you keep track of your blood pressure readings with the Pyle Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor and 'Pyle Health' Application. Download the 'Pyle Health' app for free and use it with the blood pressure monitor. It works with all of your favorite devices - available for Apple and Android. You'll experience wireless data transfer between the blood pressure monitor and your smartphone or tablet. The 'Pyle Health' App also allows you to create a profile so you can login, chart your progress, view your history and track your health like never before. Use the app to learn more about your body and enjoy the convenience of having your own personal medical records in the palm of your hands. Plus, the app makes it easy to share blood pressure reading results with your family, friends or doctor! The PHBPB20 Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Bluetooth SMART Technology Inflatable Arm Cuff Login: Create A User Profile Chart: View Your Pressure History Track: Stay on Top of Your Health Quick, easy, accurate and reliable. The PHBP Monitor also functions as a standard blood pressure monitor (The Bluetooth function and free downloadable app are optional functions that do not affect the blood pressure monitor's performance, they just provide additional functionality if you wish to connect with your device). Give yourself instant access to systolic, diastolic pressures and pulse rates. Simple one-touch inflation inflates the arm cuff with a press of a button. Then your results will appear clearly on the large LCD digital display.

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