COCCYX CUSHION COMFORT DONUT PILLOW Helps Relieve Sciatica Pilonidal Cyst

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    Do you feel uncomfortable when sitting for long?
    Do you constantly find yourself going back n forth, rocking n readjusting to find even a drop of comfort while sitting in your chair?
    Have you purchased memory foam cushions thinking that you finally found a solution, only to find yourself sitting on a flat cushion after a few minutes?

    Well, Guess what? GREAT news for you!
    In fact,NEVER worry about your seat cushion flattening out. This comfort tush cushion is made from premium grade high-density rebound foam, specially designed to maintain firmness n shape,while delivering long lasting relief.

    Sitting doesn't have to be a pain in the butt -Ideal for anyone w/ damage or injury to the tailbone area
    -If pregnant or have recently given birth, you will fall in love n become best of friends w/ your New Cushion!
    -High-density Rebound foam is very strong yet soft enough to offer real comfort n relief
    -Ergonomically shaped to gently tilt your pelvis forward, improve your natural sitting posture n encouraging proper alignment of the spine

    Very Safe, Portable, Practical
    -Made in USA w/ approved fire retardant materials, no unpleasant odor like most cushions
    -Beautiful Velour Fabric for the outer cover, not only looks n feels Amazing but also very durable n easily removable for washing

    Comfort Cushion Promotes n Encourages
    Healthy posture
    Reduced back pain
    Increased blood flow to the lower extremities
    Incredible comfort

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