DonJoy RocketSoc Ankle Support Brace: Lace-Up, Right Foot, Large

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  • The DonJoy RocketSoc Ankle Support Brace is designed for superior stability, comfort and fit. The DonJoy RocketSoc is intended to provide the treatment and prevention of common or acute ankle injuries. The lightweight DonJoy RocketSoc has a low-profile design which eliminates that bulky feeling when worn with a shoe. This ankle support brace allows you to maintain complete range of motion while controlling abnormal plantar flexion and inversion. The DonJoy RocketSoc has an easy to adjust peroneal forefoot (sides of the forefoot) and calcaneal heel lock straps which provides unrivaled support to the ankle ligaments that are most commonly sprained, which include the anterior talofibular, calcaneofibular and posterior talofibular ligaments. The DonJoy RocketSoc is available in 3 styles: lace-up, neoprene and Drytex, which allow you to customize your treatment. The lace-up is made with lightweight nylon, and features the lowest-profile. The neoprene model provides wraparound compression and warmth, and includes an optional inferior buttress to help control swelling. The Drytex model is a neoprene alternative, constructed of a unique nylon core and polyester lycra fabric that allows for improved airflow to keep ankles cool and dry.

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