Herbal Weight Loss Tea & Detox Drink w/ Peppermint & Star Anise

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  • New Face Same Great Product - Hey, sometimes you need a makeover. Don't let the new look fool you; this is STILL one of the best herbal slimming teas available! Using only the finest herbs, we've crafted a deliciously sweet diet supplement to help curb cravings, and encourage your body to let go of excess weight! With the new packaging, each container averages 7.5 ounces. That's 50% more!
  • The power of peperment - Mint's strong scent has been shown to help control appetite and suppress cravings. If you're always reaching for a sweet treat after dinner, consider sipping on a cup of our Top Chef produced designer weight loss tea! Peppermint has been associated with mediating cortisol, which can help ramp up the metabolism
  • Enjoy The Stars - Not in the night sky, but in your tea! Star Anise accelerates the process of digestion and improves the entire digestive tract, Which is absolutely PARAMOUNT when losing weight. It also contains 'Anethole', a powerful antioxidant that can help to ward off illness and many other health stimulating properties!
  • Holistic Addition - Chickweed is known for its ability to calm inflammation, so only good can come out of adding this healthy green plant to your diet plan. It's been used as a folk remedy for obesity, and due to it's detoxification properties, it encourages the overall health of the body, inspiring you to feel great, and live healthy!
  • We fully believe you will be, but if this tea just isn't for you, there's no hard feelings. Just let us know and send it back our way within 90 days and we'll be sure to offer you a speedy refund and a great big thank you for giving us a chance in the first place!
And there they are, those sugary treats, staring back at you. You know they aren't any good for you, but you just want something sweet! Then you remember, you took the time to get yourself some Slimming Tea By My Diet Chef!! THAT'S what you reach for, and within 3 minutes, not only are you satiating that sweet tooth, but you're feeling good about yourself at the same time! Isn't that what it's all about? Created by Master Chef Jeff, who's credit extends to the kitchens of the rich and famous, this Peppermint and Star Anise based tea is a true testament to herbal weight loss! No need for diet pills that give you the jitters and are toxic to your system, when you've got this caffeine and jitter free tea to encourage your body to let go of water weight, decrease appetite, and give you the will power to improve your diet, one cup at a time. Our tea is naturally sweet, so there's no need for added sweeteners that take so much away from an otherwise great for you product!
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Weight Loss Tea

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