• Luresity Travels offers a broad range of spectrums when offering our products to our consumers. We thrive in providing our customers with Luxury. The ability to nurture and rest the body. And last and certainly not least is Quality. When these three combinations are met amazing things can happen to a product. (LU) xury in our products provide the consumer with a sense of elegance or refinement of living rather than a necessity. It is very important to provide a product that looks good and at the same time provide results. The (RES) ting stage of the body is the most vital. Without rest our body is an empty shell, we cannot fully function. That is why this travel pillow is the perfect item to provide all the rest you need. Lastly Qual (ITY), quality is key and with our sleep mask you may need to look no further. Eye masks, also known as sleep masks, are an inexpensive, accepted technique to benefit us get to slumber faster ... and stay asleep. They are naturally made from material that is proposed to cover both eyes, keeping all incoming light away from your eyes and to help prompt a state of wholesome darkness. Eye masks have a relaxed, elasticated belt that clamps the mask on your head and blocks undesirable light from your eyes.
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How BLINQ Works

  • Retailer needs to move overstock, open box & refurbished inventory.
  • BLINQ receives inventory and professionally inspects each item.
  • Condition is determined, with only the best items passing inspection.
  • Item is heavily discounted on BLINQ.com to sell quickly.