MD Intimate Restore

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  • Feminine skin can change from age, childbirth, usage and stress. As we age, there is decreased nerve ending in the intimate area making it less sensitive and more difficult for many women to achieve pleasurable sex. With time, the skin becomes thinner, dryer and less sensitive. It is estimated one in three women experience a decrease in sensation after the age 30. The answer to better sexual well-being is MD Intimate restore. It was developed by a gynecologist for the sexual well-being of women. Unlike lubricants that offer only a temporary solution, MD Intimate Restore transforms fragile thin skin into healthy looking and feeling skin. We use cream and moisturizers to combat aging on our face, so why not use an anti-aging serum for our intimate area. Key ingredients peptides, amino acid complex, and green tea to rejuvenate your most intimate area. applications.key ingredients:peptides: anti-aging benefits. Rejuvenate the tea: antioxidant properties.amino acid complex: improve circulation and anti-aging benefits.
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