Organic "SHATAVARI" Pure and Natural Hebal Powder - 7 Oz

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  • All natural - high essential nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. high potency raw super food supplement.
  • Characteristics - bright original color, very nicely powdered, evenly textured and fresh
  • Supports reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs. also increases libido. treats pms symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation. helps in breast milk production, balances hormones, soothes digestive tract, supports respiratory track. improves the immune system.
  • Usda certified organic and eu organic certified. 100% raw and vegetarian. fda registered facility, fda recommended packing materials. promotes proper digestion and bowl movement. beautifies the skin. helps bone related deficiencies.
  • 100% pure and natural - non-gmo, gluten-free, fairly traded, no fillers, no binders and no artificial ingredients. all natural vitamins & minerals. organically grown, harvested and manufactured by an iso standard certified company.
  • Provides energy and strength naturally and keeps you healthy! freeze dried superior shatavari, abundant health benefits of shatavari!
The ORGANIC VEDA MORINGA powder is highest in nutrient level to meet the day-to-day human nutrient requirements. In countries where the main diet is a starchy dish, the sauce served along with is exceptionally nutritious. It could easily be added to such sauces, as a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and as a source of the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine, which are often in short supply. Virtually every household can maintain a stock of Moringa oleifera powder. The world's most nutritious tree 'Moringa leaf' contains approximately 20 types of amino acids, 46 types of antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds - All natural 90+ nutrients make for the best natural nutritional supplement. It is a tremendous source of bio-available vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E and Macro Minerals, Trace Minerals, Phyto nutrients. Moringa leaves are a good source of bio availabl
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