Ortopad Girl's Eye Patch Bundle - 120 Patches + 2 Posters

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  • Hypoallergenic adhesive eye patch that lets the skin breathe
  • The 5 designs in every box make patching fun
  • 120 individually wrapped Medium size patches (6 boxes of 20 patches) for girls ages 2 to 4; size 3" x 2 1/8"
  • Special light protection inlay assures maximum shielding from light
  • Adhesive free from solvents, latex or natural rubber derivatives and preservatives
About this bundle- Ortopad Orthoptic Eye Patches have been helping children successfully treat amblyopia (lazy eye) for over 10 years. Ortopad patterned patches differ from other patches in that the pattern make the 5 designs in every box unique and fun. In addition, Ortopad patches maximize comfort through a latex-free adhesive. Simply apply the Ortopad patch and the pressure sensitive adhesive will utilize the body's own heat to create comfortable fit. The patches are easily removed from the face without the typical discomfort. Ortopad Patching Reward Posters are used to keep track of your daughter's patching progress. Apply used patches to poster to create a fun, colorful poster. Once finished the poster can be hung up in her room for decoration. This bundle comes with 1 Princess Reward Poster and 1 Butterfly Reward Poster, each poster holds 50 patches. Ortopad Orthoptic Eye Patches for Girls are available in three sizes - Junior (for children up to 2), Medium (for children 2 - 4) a
Orthoptic Eye Patches
Orthoptic Eye Patches

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