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Timesulin for Lilly Kwikpen Enhances Safety Insulin pen

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  • Enhances Safety - Designed to help you avoid forgotten injections and accidental double doses.
  • Reduces Anxiety - Always know precisely how long since your last insulin injection.
  • Easy - No buttons to push no programming and no change in routine. Easy for all ages.
  • Compatible with Lilly Kwikpen Humalog Humalog Mix 50 Humalog Mix 75 and Humalin
  • Good for parents of children with diabetes or anytime there are multiple caregivers.
Timesulin is a replacement cap for insulin pens that tracks the amount of time passed since your last injection. The cap is designed to help prevent potentially dangerous forgotten injections or accidental double doses and it is so easy to use! There is no programming or buttons to push you simply replace your insulin pen cap with the Timesulin cap and use your pen as you normally would. Timesulin will automatically track the time passed since your last injection and always be there to give you peace of mind in knowing when you took your last shot.

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