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Ovacue Fertility Monitor

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  • The OvaCue Fertility Monitor includes the hand-held monitor, oral sensor, and the vaginal sensor _ it s the ultimate in ovulation prediction. The fertility monitor electronically creates, tracks, and stores your data _ your own digital ovulation calendar. Identifying when ovulation will occur is crucial to increasing your odds of conception. Now you can pinpoint ovulation and increase your chances of becoming pregnant with the new OvaCue Fertility Monitor. The OvaCue is an advanced fertility monitor that enables you to predict ovulation up to seven days in advance and pinpoint your ovulation day! It s easy to use, over 98% accurate, and unlike other urine-based ovulation tests, there s no mess. The OvaCue uses saliva and cervical mucus samples to measure changes in electrolyte concentration (salinity). Simply take an oral reading (starting at the beginning of menstruation) and vaginal reading (once menstruation has ended) daily. In just a couple seconds you have your daily test result. By detecting changes in electrolyte levels, which reflect changes in hormone levels, the OvaCue can predict when you will ovulate and then pinpoint ovulation* _ the best time for you to conceive your baby.
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