Core Flyte Pro V2 - Increase Athletic Performance, Build a Rock-Solid Core & Activate More Muscle (Pair, Carrying Case + Workout Guide)

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  • Core Flytes are Stability Trainers that Roll With You. Core Flytes incorporate a stability component into both stationary and moving floor exercises. Core Flytes enable free movement on all types of gym floors and most surfaces around the home (including non-slip rubber floors). When combined with any exercise, the Core Flytes activate core and abdominal muscles, plus more secondary and supporting muscles around the joints, to improve athletic performance and prevent injuries. Core Flytes use innovative and patented technology, with ball transfer units (BTUs) used in the aeronautics industry, to take any functional training workout to the next level. Core Flytes are for active, fitness enthusiasts who want to add a new dimension to their training programs. The level of difficulty can be adjusted simply by using the Core Flytes on different types of floors. Core Flytes are designed to move more freely over harder surfaces, yet be more controllable on softer floors. This allows you to increase or decrease the amount of effort required to stabilize the Core Flytes during exercises. Beginners can exercise with the Core Flytes on tight loop carpet, or a cushioned gym floor, to have better control. While experienced gym-goers can use their Core Flytes on concrete or hardwood floors for the extra degree of difficulty. Package contains 2 Core Flytes. Plus an 8-week workout chart suitable for all fitness levels, full of challenging new exercises. Benefits: Strengthens and improves stability of core and abdominal muscles Strengthens secondary and supporting muscles to prevent injuries during training and competition Improves coordination and reflexes for better athletic performance Ideal for strength, cardiovascular training, Yoga, Pilates, flexibility, and physical therapy exercises. Perfect for total body workouts, circuit training, and group fitness.
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