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Pellor Inversion Swing Yoga Hammock - Violet

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  • Description:

    Material: Parachute fabric
    Color: Blue
    Size: 250x150cm
    Affordability: 200kg

    Installation steps:

    First, install Steel carabiners on the ceiling, two Steel carabiners spacing 50-80 cm better. Steel carabiners need to be installed on the ceiling perforated ceiling is not suitable for installation over the ceiling. (Installation must be able to load in a fixed object).
    Then, if the ceiling is high, need an extension belt, extended with a length of 70 cm, anti-gravity yoga length from 1.4 to 1.5 meters, so the high ceiling that also can be used.
    Finally, the anti-gravity yoga climbing hook both ends to extend the end of the tape just fine.


    During use in strict accordance with the following points from seizure
    Yoga hammock hanging anchor must be strong, hanging upside down from the height of the first floor is not more than 15CM, to prevent accidentally fell wounded.
    Please check before using yoga hammock hanging hook plate is loose, extended belt for excessive wear.
    Avoid carry-on buttons or sharp objects are damaged and yoga hammock.
    This product is not fireproof fabric, please stay away from sources of ignition.
    Note yoga hammock clean the surrounding ground level, avoiding choose gravel, twigs and other sharp hard objects exist locations.


    4 x Hook (already installed)
    2 x 1 m extension with
    2 x Steel carabiners
    1 x Yoga hammock
    1 x Cloth pouch


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