Sportime Series 1 Yoga Circuit Card Set for Yoga and Fitness

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  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Improves flexibility and concentration
  • Ideal for physical education activities
  • Features main pose and 2 alternative
With the Yoga Circuit Card Sets, once you teach your students proper yoga poses, they can really work on their own. Setting up multiple stations allows the children to change up their poses to avoid any boredom, while you wander the gymnasium, fine-tuning their technique on the yoga mats. Each Circuit Card shows the main pose on one side, and 2 alternative poses on the back side, allowing children to do the pose they want. We've even attempted to create an option for the children in wheelchairs. Each card includes a motivating word or statement that can help them work their pose to their own comfort level. Each of 12 sign boards in each set represents a single teaching station in a multi-station task style program, through which children are directed and educated. Cards are held for viewing by Kontrol-Kones or suspended from fences or walls via their built-in grommets.
Yoga Circuit Card
Yoga Circuit Card

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